Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Last Friday we headed to the dentist with the whole gang. Thankfully my mom also goes to the same dentist so she is able to go at the same time and help me with the kids while I get my teeth cleaned. I have been going to this dentist since I was 3 so it is special/neat that my children get to go see him also.

Avery did such a great job. I thought it would be a good idea for her to go first because she is usually ok with anything. She sat in the chair and got her teeth cleaned/polish/flossed without a fuss. Maddux on the other hand was a completely different story. From the second he got in the chair he started saying..."I want to go home." "I'm all done." Needless to say, all she had a chance to do was brush his teeth and look to see if his teeth were growing correctly. Here is evidence that Avery loved it and Maddux didn't. I got great pictures of Avery and was trying to keep Maddux in the chair, thus not getting any pictures! Next time!

This sweet girl sat in the lobby the whole time and was so sweet. She even took a little nap. We know everyone at the office so it was nice to let them love on her. 

PS- No cavities for any of us! :)
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Yellow Firetruck

We absolutely love our Mother's Morning Out program at our church. It has been such a blessing and the teachers and the director are wonderful. I have never felt uncomfortable leaving my children with them for one second. I love being involved with my kids so I took on the task of helping to put together the newsletter every month which means I get allllll the pictures that they take at school! :) (which makes me super happy). I picked up the camera this morning and I was so excited to see all these awesome pictures from when the fire truck came to visit.

This is Avery and Maddux's class plus a few more. (Maddux sucking his thumb....grrrr)

They all got a chance to get in the truck and check everything out. Avery and Maddux are standing together (avery in pink/maddux in blue)

It's pictures like these that makes me happy. Both of my children are sitting down and listening. It's the small things in life. Haha!

I love this group picture! 

Maddux's teacher told me that once the firemen put on their uniforms, Maddux got up and walked over to give each of them a high five! So typical. I love it.

Here is the link to the blog I was referring to yesterday. It's a great post, especially for moms.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Maddux - 3 Years

Dear Sweet Maddux,

I am not sure where to start with you. You are an incredible little boy. Your daddy and I love watching your adorable little personality bloom everyday. You are so loving and a joy to be with. You are absolutely NOTHING like your sister. Every one always told me that I would be amazed at how different twins are and I am now a believer. 

You are so funny and LOVE to laugh but you are content with playing with your cars and trains and letting your sister have center stage. 

You are all boy. You love dirt, playing in the water, trucks, trains and cars. I love to just watch you lay on the floor and play. You make your trains have conversations and I can't always understand every word but I can usually understand what is going on.

Speaking of talking, your speech has been getting SO much better and I am so proud of you for using more words. I love the fact that I can understand about 95% of what you say and others sometimes have a hard time. It makes me feel like we have a special connection. 

 Like I said, your favorite toys are your trains and cars and you would take them everywhere with you if I let you. The only problem is, is that you always want to take 20 of each just to drive to the bank. 

You are fearless. You LOVE to climb to the top of the play place at Chickfila and you had a blast at your birthday party climbing to the top of all the blow up slides. You are just like me in that way. I love a good rush of excitement! 

You are VERY smart. You amaze me everyday when you point out something that I didn't know you had learned.

You love your sisters. I love when you tell Zoey good morning every morning.

You aren't potty trained yet but we are working hard. You wear underwear while we are at home and if I keep reminding you about the potty you are fine but as soon as I slip up you have an accident but I'm not worried about you, you will soon figure it out. 

Your favorite foods are hotdogs and chips. 

Maddux Jett, you are loved so much and I hope you always know that. Like I said in Avery's post, sometimes I feel like I don't do the best job at being your mommy but I know that I pray that God will help me raise YOU, Maddux, to be who he wants you to be. I love you with all of my heart. You are a silly, quiet, loud, dirty, loving, cuddly little boy and I hope you stay that way. 

I love you,


Avery - 3 Years

I keep telling myself that I am not good at this blogging thing and that there is no reason to blog because the twins are already 3 but that is silly. I will love to look back at this blog even if it didn't REALLY start until the twins were 3. So....here we go!

Dear Sweet Avery,

You, my dear, are such a joy to my life. There is so much to cram into this blog post and I hope that one day you read this and understand how loved you are by your mommy and daddy.

Your personality is just like your daddy. You are SO funny and love to make people laugh. G (Kellen's mom) always says that Kellen had a sense of humor from the moment he started talking and you are JUST like him. Just today we were decorating for Valentine's Day and you, out of the blue said, "There's no business like Valentine's business!" Right after you said it you looked at me and just started laughing. Oh my, you make me laugh. 

You adore your sister. When she is fussy you will walk over to her and lay by her or just try to make her content by getting in her face. The cutest thing is when you say stuff like...."hey sweet baby girl". 

You have such a sweet heart. Just the other day I was talking to your teacher and she was telling me how you played with the new girl at school. You took her by the hand and walked with her to the playground. 

You are very smart. Like I said, some of the stuff you say just amazes us. 

You are a picky eater like your dad. Your favorite food is cheese. That is the only thing you ever asked for and I have to force you to eat other stuff. I don't blame you though, cheese is good. 

Your speech is ridiculous. Incredible is one of your favorite words. 

You and your brother still get along for the most part. I looooove watching y'all play together and use your imaginations. Warms my heart. 

You aren't a big toy girl. You like to color, play dress-up, and use your imagination. 

Avery Clarke, you are loved so much and I hope you always know that. I was reading another blog today about a mom that didn't feel like she always did the best job at being a mom. Her prayer at the end was: God help me to raise Hope to be who you want her to be. So that is my prayer for you. God help me to raise Avery to be who you want her to be. You are an outgoing, sweet, sometimes hard headed, compassionate, loud, giggly girl and sometimes I don't know what to do with you but I pray that God will use me to raise you to be the best you! 

I love you,


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Blues

Christmas has come and gone. I absolutely loved watching Christmas through the eyes of my almost 3 year olds. They are even still singing Frosty the Snowman even though it is 70 degrees outside. We had a wonderful Christmas. I love that both of our family live in the same area therefore being able to see everyone on all holidays. We started our day as a family with presents. Then we went to church. I seriously wish that Christmas was Sunday every year. After church we went to Kellen's parent's house and enjoyed lunch and opening more presents. My children are so blessed to have grandparents that love them. After lunch and presents we came home and my parents came over and brought the Barbie jeep and tractor with them. All in all, Christmas was a roaring success! Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Nana and Avery cooking.
While the other two hang out in Pop's lap!
Kellen stirring the eggnog which ended up not being very good. 
The kids gifts from my parents. They were SO excited!
Avery cruising in her new jeep.
What you can't see is the big hill Maddux is about to driving down. Eek...no fear.

We even went to visit all the neighbors!
And this sweet girl enjoyed her jumpy!
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