Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July!
Both of our families were together which makes things so much fun.
Btw...I am so thankfully that our families get along so well. I don't know many families that spend this much time together. It's wonderful and so special.
We went over to Kellen's parents house and cooked out.
There was a pool and slide for the kids and they loooove it.
Michael, Jackson and Lorelei were able to be there. Wish Julie could have come.
Got some great family pictures. The last time me and my bother took a picture together by ourselves was my freshman year of college. (wow)
(mom and dad)
(kellen and i)
(avery sliding)
(maddux's turn. jackson waiting)
(jackson having fun)
(maddux and avery chillin in the pool)
(lorelei taking a turn)
(camie -can't wait for her to be back for good!- and kellen)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Avery @ 18 Months

Avery, Ave.
Wow. Miss Personality!
Will try to repeat every word you say (I'm not the type of mom that counts every word she says...)
Has an attachment to her blanket, paci and her Mickey.
Is bossy :o)
Loves Murphy and any dog for that matter.
LOVES her grandparents.
Favorite words is Elmo.
Ask for her bow when she wakes up in the morning.
Loves to dance.
Talks for Maddux. I will ask Maddux a question and she will answer...another reason I think Maddux doesn't feel the need to talk in English!
Favorite food: Cheese!

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Maddux @ 18 Months

Maddux, Mad Man
SOOO very active.
Has been teething for the last month (poor thing, only 2 more teeth to go!)
Understand everything I say!
Loves to wave and say bye bye to whomever is leaving.
Loves any dog!
Doesn't talk in English much but "talks" all the time!
Loves to snuggle!
LOVES his grandparents a lot!
Loves to watch tv.
Loves to throw things!
Loves to climb.
Loves to spin in circle and clap!
Loves riding his retro rocket!
Is attached to his paci.
Favorite food: Turkey Hotdogs.

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Avery and Maddux have now attended their first movie. Sherk, The Final Chapter.
They did really well. We went to Northpark and at first we were the only ones. 10 minutes after the movie started another big family came in but they were letting their kids walk around a little so it ended up being ok!
They actually watched about 45 minutes of the movie in our laps. Our row dead-ended into a wall so we let them explore our row which was a lifesaver.
There was about 10 left in the movie and they were done. Finally we let them run around so Kellen and I could finish the movie!
Now the pictures:
Kellen, Avery and Maddux
Mommy, Avery and Maddux
Them watching the movie!
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