Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year!

It's a new year with new GOALS. I don't call them new year's resolutions because Kellen likes to remind me that everyone always breaks them. So here is a list of my GOALS:

- Love my family well.
- Read more books.
- Teach my kids to read.
- Use my real camera more.
- Write more on this blog!

I love talking to my kids. They always say the funniest things that brighten my day so since the twins just turned 5 (and because Zoey is cute) I thought I would ask them a list of questions so I can document what some of their favorite things were in 2013.

Avery Clarke Farmer
Age 5
Favorite Color - Pretty blue or Pink
Favorite Food - Cheese, buttered noddles, applesauce and oranges
Favorite Book - Amelia Badelia
Favorite Toy - Horse Carriage (christmas present)
Best Friends - All the girls at school (Lizzy, Caroline, Valeria) and Tori (neighbor)
Favorite Song - Jesus Loves Me
Favorite TV Show - My Little Ponies
Favorite activity during the day - Playing with Tori
What she wants to learn to do better this year - Draw
Mommy's add-ons: Dressing up, Hello Kitty, coloring and playing with Nana's phone 

Maddux Jett Farmer
Age 5
Favorite Color - Blue, Green and Red
Favorite Food - Pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, grapes and Ritz crackers
Favorite Book - Thomas
Favorite Toy -Cars
Best Friends - Johnathan(neighbor), Clark Anders (school) and Parker (Church)
Favorite Song - Christmas Songs
Favorite TV Show - Jake
Favorite Movie - Thomas
Favorite activity during the day -Racing Cars
What he wants to learn to do better this year -Learn more bible verses
Mommy's add-ons - Playing angry birds, coloring, building train tracks and not stepping on cracks (he doesn't want to break my back)

Zoey Blake Farmer
Age 2
Favorite Color - Yellow
Favorite Book - Mickey
Favorite Toy - Mickey
Best Friends - Alexa Anne (friend from church and school)
Favorite Song -Mickey
Favorite TV Show - Bet you can't guess..........Mickey
Mommy's add-ons - Coloring, destroying Avery and Maddux's life, playing Mickey, singing songs

Our week so far!

It has been EXTREMELY cold this week (like in the one digit temps.) so we have spent a lot of time inside. On Monday I decided that we just needed to stay home and rest since we just got back from our trip.  There was a lot of this....
 I'm pretty sure I like legos more then the kids.

and this....

  and this....

 For some reason Zoey hasn't been herself for the last couple of days. I'm not sure if it is her teeth or just a little cold. Who knows.

Usually we go to "school" on Tuesday but I got a call from our director telling me that the pipes were frozen and that there was no heat in the building so we had to cancel school for the day. So we quickly make plans with some of our good friends, Tiffany, Brantley and Maddie to go the science museum. I am so glad we did because they had a great reptiles and amphibians exhibit.

 Later that afternoon our neighbors Johnathan and Tori came over to play some games with us! It's always fun (and a break for me) when they come over!

Today we enjoy the Children's museum. When we got there, there was literally NO ONE but us there! It was amazing an weird at the same time. It never really got busy which is a nice change from the normal. 

The kids got to make snowy day pictures and I think they turned out super cute! The museum always has the cutest crafts!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Zoey - 11 Months

11 months have come and gone but I can't imagine our lives without you!

You aren't doing many new things this month. 
You are standing a lot but still not walking. 
You still have NO teeth. 
You have learned the sign language for "all done" and you can kind of sign "more". 
You love to destroy Maddux's train tracks. 

You are sleeping a lot better at night but aren't a great napper.
You started Mother's Morning Out this summer and you hated your first class but now that we have moved you, you seem happier.
You are eating more solid foods (even without teeth).

You attended your first wedding (Sara and Andy).
You are still a smiley little girl.
You wear a size 4 diaper.
You wear size 12 - 18 month clothes.
I think you probably weight around 25 pounds.

You favorite places in the house are the bathroom and the kitchen where the garbage is. (?!??!?!)
You still love to swim but are not interested in sitting in the float anymore.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Zoey - 10 Months

10 months old!! Where has the time gone?

Zoey is....

- Pulling up on EVERYTHING.
- waving bye bye.
- shaking her head when we say no no no. (started that on Mother's Day).
- clapping.
- pointing (we're number one). Notice in the picture below.
-wearing size 4 diapers.
- wearing size 12 months clothes.
- is the most laid back baby ever.


- weighs 21.8 pounds. I asked them to weigh her again because I swear she feels bigger.
- still doesn't sleep well.
- has the cute grin that is ALWAYS on her face.
- takes 4 bottles a day but is more interested in food.
- says dada, mama, baba.
- screaming with glee when her siblings run around the house screaming.
- still has ZERO teeth. She has a super cute gummy smile!
- LOVES swimming/the splash pad.
- went to the beach for the first time and loved it. She ate a lot of sand and was always covered it in.
-plays peekaboo. It's so cute!
- puts her head on my shoulder every time we walk in her room at bed time. It's like she know I will hold her for a little bit longer if she does it. . .(and it works). It melts me EVERY night.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Zoey - 9 Months


You are 9 months old! What have you been up too??

- You are wearing 9-12 month clothes.
- You wear size 3 diapers but I just bought a box of size 4. 
- You take 4 bottles a day.
- You eat 3 times a day but I'm pretty sure you aren't crazy about baby food.

- You are crawling everywhere (started crawling April 14th/15th)!
- You love to wave. Like all the time.
- You have been fussy this month. I think from teething. Overall you are a very happy baby.
- Still NO teeth...but I think I see them under the gums.

- A and M loves when you "play" with them. You follow them all over the house but as soon as you get anywhere near their toys they freak.
- You love Maddux's trains and I can only let you touch them if he isn't in the house or is asleep.
- You still aren't a great sleeper but you do have good nights. You are asleep from 7:30 to 7:30. You nap twice a day (sort of).

Monday, April 30, 2012

Our family pet...

While at the Caterpillar Parade we "adopted" a cocoon to take home and keep in a safe place until it was time for it to emerge. I'm not going to lie...I was a little worry about keeping this thing alive because they gave us strict instruction to take it home and put it in a cool, dark place. Well it eventually got to a cool, dark place...that is after we went and played at the park. 

Thankfully, after a few days of waiting and watching our beautiful butterfly emerged. I think I was more excited then the kids (probably because it was actually alive). After breakfast, we took it outside and set it free. It took a good 10 minutes for it to fly away but the kids had a great time cheering it on. Avery named the butterfly but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was. 

While dad's out of town....

Kellen went out of town a few weeks ago and thankfully my parents invited me and the crew over to spend the weekend. Without the help, I think I would have gone crazy. Pop decided that he need to wash his truck Saturday afternoon and I not sure the twins really knew what he meant by help. Everyone ended up wet but it was fun!