Monday, May 31, 2010

oh my....

I hope these pictures don't show what type of parents my children will be! haha

Maddux is doing well and then........
complete wipeout! on to Avery..whom(?) I am more worried about. This series of pictures are of Avery trying to get the baby out of the stoller! Yikes....

Avery, would you like to be pull up by your arm???

And some how the babies ended up on the floor....poor baby...

P.S. - No real babies were harmed in this experiment...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going Private

I think I am going to make this blog private. A lot of people have been telling me horror stories about crazy people stealing pictures and other crazy things. Just leave a comment if you want to keep reading. Thanks!

Coolest aunt/mom ever!!!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blue Jean Babies

Aren't these super cute??? Maybe redneck but super cute! I just couldn't pass them up when I found them on sale! $8 dollars for 25 diapers. Just couldn't pass it up!

Maybe I should send this one to Pioneer Woman...It looks a lot like the one she has of her husband butt but I think Maddux little bottom is WAY cuter!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hands down, has the best baby laugh ever!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friends of the Zoo

I was so glad this morning when my brother called to ask if we wanted to go to the zoo. I love the Jackson Zoo because you are SO close to the animals and most of the time we run into at least one zookeeper who gives us lots of interesting information!

A & M with the Tigers! See how close they are!

Jackson with the Tiger!

Watching the tigers!

Lorelei loves to smile for the camera!

Maddux, Avery, Jackson and Lorelei

Jackson with the Alligator

When we got done we went and had lunch with the best Pop in the world. Seriously....they are in LOVE with my dad. They would choose him over me anyday. After lunch we went home and watered the ferns and waited on dad to get home!

Yes...he is holding a pink sippy cup...YOU try to keep it straight all the time...
Helping pull the weeds!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day in pictures!

It is absolutely impossible to get both babies to look at the camera at the same time but I LOVE these pictures! Avery was ok with being held but Maddux was NOT having it. He wanted to get down and run around and you will see that in every picture.
So happy to be their mother!

Not a day goes by that I don't have to pull something out of their noses!

Look at those baby blues!

She wants to push the buttons on the camera....all the time...(not sure why this is underlined...)

This was the only way I could get him to smile but I love them and it shows his personality.

Everything looks more fun upside down!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. We went over to Kellen's parents house and just hung out all day. It was perfect weather and both of our families were there! Can't get much better then that!!

Our backpacks!

If you have been to our house more then once you have probably seen these attached to Avery and Maddux! For some reason they LOVE these things. Our routine is...wake up, drink milk, have breakfast, put on backpacks until nap time. . .
(Avery) We wear them when we read....
We wear them when we watch tv....
We wear them when we play....
We wear them when we cry....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moving on!

I realize that I said I would continue to write about our day and I have completely failed/forgotten....Sorry. Moving on........

Avery and Maddux are now 16 months old! They are changing everyday and they seem to be doing something new everyday. This morning I looked up and Avery was on top of the kitchen table.....seriously!! So what are we up to these days.....

Maddux Jett Farmer

This boy has come out of his shell!! He is still a little shy around other kids but when we are at home he is SO talkative! When he "talks" to me I really think he thinks I understand him. He can say dada, mama, ball, dog (and makes the dog sound), nana, pop and I'm 95% sure that he said Avery the other day. His favorite toy is anything that has wheels on it. He loves to run his car into everything. He is all boy. I think he is going to be right handed. He still looks JUST like Kellen and I think that is adorable. His favorite food right now is probably grapes or blueberries. He doesn't like to hold hands but he loooove to give his momma hugs and kisses! He laughs ALL the time.

Avery Clarke Farmer

AC is a firecracker!!!!! She wakes up running and runs to bed at night. Her favorite thing in the world right now is Sherk. She talks all the time. Both of them have their own language that I can't understand. She can say dada, mama, ball, dog, no, go, pop and nana. Her hair is turning more red and curly everyday. Her favorite toy is anything that someone else is playing with. She loves to swing. If she see a straw in someone's drink she automatically thinks its hers and screams until she gets it. Her favorite food is cheese (she got that from her G). I think she is going to be left handed because she does everything with her left hand. She is a great hand holder but doesn't give out kisses to just anyone. She LOVE my cell phone and will open it and say hi.

These babies amaze me. I love watching them figure things out everyday (even if it is climbing on top of the table).