Sunday, September 26, 2010

Football Season 2010

Fight Fight Fight
Mississippi State....You're dang right!!
We don't win many games but we did win this weekend again Georgia. A great time was had by all. My cousin, her husband and a friend came from Georgia (Georgia fans) and it was good to see them. Here are a few pictures of our days. It was a LONG day, 30 minute nap for the babies and no real bedtime. Around 10, Maddux finally just passed out and slept until 8:45. You read that right...I said, 8:45!! I was so thankful. They must've known I needed the sleep.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

20th Month - Avery

Oh...Avery. She is a firecracker. She is so full of life and I am loving every minute with her! Like I said in the last post, I feel like they are having first a lot lately and that life is flying by. Please slow down...don't grow to fast.
What has Avery been up to this month?
talks all the time! She surprises us with words all the time. Recently her favorite word has been "please" but it sounds more like "peas". It is so cute and she knows it. She says it alllll the time!
is a pretty picky eater. Every time I open the fridge she says "cheese?". She would eat cheese at every meal if I let her.
LOVES football! There can be a MSU logo the size of a stamp and she sees it from a 100 feet away. It is the craziest thing! haha
is the same way about Elmo and Cookie Monster! Whenever we are in Target she points out every Elmo and Cookie. I never knew how popular they were. Seriously...they are EVERYWHERE!
does not like it when Maddux touches her stuff and she lets him know it!
loves to brush her teeth. Really they both like it but I'm sure that won't last long!
loves to talk on the phone.
wears size 18 and 24 month clothes.
wears size 5 diaper.
loves to wear bows. I think it's pretty funny because I'm not a girly girl and my daughter loves all things girl.
(Avery's crazy hair)
I'm sorry baby girl. You got your hair from me!
(First MTSU game of the season)

Notice the bow. Always has a bow...otherwise she looks like she has a mullet.
(First MSU game of the season)

I'm serious..this girl LOVES the bulldogs!
(First time to eat cereal)

You can read about the first time to eat cereal in the last post. Notice...a breakfast!

OH my...I love this girl. My children are amazing. I am so lucky...
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

20th Month - Maddux

I could eat this child up. He is such a sweet/quiet boy. I feel like we have so many first every month so I thought I would fill you in on the 20th month. What has Maddux been up to:
LOVES to look at and "read" books.
still isn't talking much but he does say some words (mama, Dada, night night, ball, bye). Dr. Payne says that Avery is doing all the talking for him and she probably will for a while. Sad but true. The ladies in the nursery told me that whenever they ask either A or M a question they look at each other to see what they should do...I bet it's fun being a twin!
is still fascinated with planes. We live close to the airport and every time one flies over he makes sure to tell me and mumbles what I think is his version of plane.
every time he hears a dog he starts barking.
follows directions very well. I can tell him to go get something in a different room and he does it. It is crazy!
loves fruit and is way less picky of an eater than Avery.
wakes up and puts his shoes on.
loves to take baths.
wears size 18month clothes.
wears a size 5 diaper.
knows how to turn on the CD player and loves to dance to the music.
gives his blanket to Kellen every night to cover him up. It is really cute. As soon as Avery figured out what was going on she started doing it.
(First time at the airport)
This was a Mommy/Son outing. Avery and Kellen were at home sleeping so I decided to take Maddux to the airport. I think he was confused as to why the planes were on the ground and not in the air. We got to see one start up and drive all the way down the runway to take off. It was really fun. I cherish time alone with each child.
(First time to have a bubble bath)

He wasn't much of a fan at first but when he figured out that there was water under the bubbles he was good.
(First time to eat cereal - Chocolate Cheerios)

I eat cereal all the time and they bug me for a bite the entire time I'm eating so I decided to give them a chance. It was actually half successful.
(First time in Memphis)

We went to Memphis to visit some friends and Kellen got to go to the MTSU game. We had a great time and our friends, Chris and Kandis, were so nice to let us take over their house. Chris and Kandis actually found out that day that they are having a BOY! Cohen Christopher. Can't wait to meet him!!
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For some reason I just feel like blogging. I don't really have anything to blog about but here goes nothing. I wish I was a better blogger and I am not sure why I don't do it more often! I think I get overwhelmed when I feel like there have to be pictures in EVER post. Anywho...What have we been up to?

Well we have a different schedule now that the "school year" has started.

Mondays are our days to recover from the weekend. Usually we have been out of town at a football game.

Tuesdays are Mother's Morning Out. This isn't time for myself because I am actually teaching the two year olds. I am really enjoying it (most days). It's only two days a week and the kids get to go for half price and I really just want them to have the chance to play with others. After MMO we come home and eat and nap!

Wednesdays we have Mother Goose on the Loose at the library. The babies absolutely loooove it. I would get some pictures but honestly I am SO busy chasing them around the room. We have been to the Madison and Ridgeland library and I will have to say that I like the Ridgeland library a LOT better. Mother Goose is so much nicer and didn't care if the kids were up dancing and walking around. Mother Goose in Madison seemed annoyed if the kids didn't sit still the entire time. I'm sorry but there is NO way to make two 20 month olds sit still for 30 minutes and I am not going to make them. Plus it's supposed to be fun.

Thursdays are MMO again.

Fridays are when we recover from the week and get ready for the weekend.

I absolutely love my children. There is NO way I can express how much I love them. They are growing so fast and I am trying to enjoy every second.