Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midweek Randoms

- Zoey bug is feeling much better. Thankful to have my happy baby back! She is still coughing a little but her attitude is much happier.

- I am going to the Cotton Patch tomorrow and I can't wait. It's a GREAT fabric store. Zoey and I are going with Hannah and Levi while the older kids are at MMO. 

- I love this picture of my dad and Maddux. Dad was dead asleep and Maddux was just talking away like he was listening.

- We went on our first scooter ride this week. The kids did great. The next day I went out and bought helmets. Safety first :)

- I love my church. I love my church family. I am so thankful for them. I often wonder why anyone wouldn't choose my church.

- This little girl is a chunky monkey. 19 and a half pounds. Geez....

- I am getting sinus headaches which normally doesn't happen to me. 

-I have decided that grocery stores/food companies lie about everything. The only way to get really healthy food is to grow it yourself.

- Kellen and I are watching The River and it was really good last night. The last three episodes had been boring but last night was exciting.

- I love Maddux and Avery's school (our church) but it is SO hard to explain to them the difference between school and church. Our conversation....Yes Avery...we are going to your school but it's for church or vise versa!

- Here are some more cute pictures of our week!

- This font I am using makes it look like I don't use periods at the end to my sentences...I do.

Swinging sisters! Maddux was swinging but decided that the sandbox was more fun. Then he brought me some dog poo....ugh

Avery picked out their outfits for church on Sunday. She looooves Zoey as you can tell in the picture. She took the outfit to her and said...guess what zoey?!?! we get to match today! 

Mad Man playing with his leappad outside today. I told him to smile and this is what I got. He was to busy to even look at me.

...and this is how Avery smiles right now.

Hope you are having a great week!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Zoo again!

We love going to the Zoo. It's isn't much but it is great for us. Lots of room to run, a few great animals and an Icee machine! If you bring your cup back they give you a refill for $1.61! Can't beat that. Here are some pictures from our last outing. This time we went with Ethan and Alexa Ann.

Patiently waiting on us to renew our membership!

Always taking Mater and McQueen on an adventure. 

The zoo just got a new playground too! Its fun but we are sad that they got rid of the big elephant slide.

Zoey bug :)

If there is a baby, Avery will find it.

Sweet Alexa Ann!

Biggest Icee EVER.

What you can't see is this tiger following the kids back and forth.

Trying to share the Icee.

The kids had just run through this puddle and I didn't catch them on the picture.



This might have been the most favorite that day. Why are they sleeping? They are standing on one leg??? Why are the sleeping? Wake up! 

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, HARRIS!

Yesterday we celebrated with our friends, John and Kathryn, on one year with their sweet boy Harris! The party was held at Easely Amused and the kids had a blast! Happy Birthday, Harris. You are a sweet boy and I can't wait to watch you grow up!

If you know Kathryn, this cake is perfect!

Happy Birthday, Harris!!

I loved the big chunky sprinkles! 

Birthday boy!

Playing before painting.

Sitting up so well!

Harris checking things out.

I looked over and saw Avery playing so nice with these girls. Makes me happy! 

Getting ready to paint!

Making sure he had his brushes. 

The leader started by reading this really cute story about this kid that painted himself from head to toe and he started with his head...that's about as far as we got but they had a great time painting!

Don't they look so cute sitting by each other!


Thanks for inviting us! We had so much fun!
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We HEART Maddux

We are so lucky to live in the US where we have such wonderful health care. A couple months ago Maddux's regular pediatrician detected a slight heart murmur while doing a routine exam. She wasn't worried at all about it but thought it would be a good idea to get it check out just in case. I was only worried about it because I wasn't worried about it. I know that sounds weird but I'm the momma and I can be weird.

While we were waiting Maddux drove his car up and down the art work (not fine art). They had no toys in the first waiting room so this was the only option.

It had a road which meant Lightening McQueen had to explore.

Watching Wall-E in the second waiting room. No toys. Didn't make much sense.

It was nice to get to spend some time with Maddux alone. Just Kellen, him and I. His doctor gave him a good report. He has two holes in his heart. One being between the top ventricles which about 25 percent of Americans have and go on to live normals lives. The second one is between the lower ventricles and is about the size of a piece of hair. It's definitely not supposed to be there but isn't big enough to cause any concern. Pretty much the doctor said..."He is a perfectly normal, healthy child." We had no need to watch him or monitor his activity. We will go back in a year (on Valentine's day, thought that was cute) to see if it is gone.

I have come up with a new nickname that Kellen doesn't think is appropriate but I think is cute. He is my little swiss cheese heart. Cute, right??? Anyways, thank you for praying for my sweet little man. We are so blessed to have three healthy children. Nothing like going to a children's hospital to put your life into perspective.
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