Monday, February 2, 2009

One Month Old!

On January 29th the babies were one month old! I know I'm a little late but can you believe it?!? It doesn't seem like a month ago when we were in the hospital waiting for their arrival. Thank you to everyone that came to greet our beautiful babies into the world. Even though I didn't get to see half of the people there, it still warms my heart to know that so many people love my children. 

This month has been a crazy month. It has been a lot calmer then I would have ever thought. Tonight has been the first night were we have been ganged up on by both babies. I FINALLY got Avery to sleep and now I'm sitting in the living room with Maddux trying to get him to sleep. I'm sure as soon as I get him to sleep Avery will be waking up hungry.  

I will leave you with a couple recent pictures of the babies and a few interesting facts about each of them!

Avery Clarke:
- As you can see, she is a champ at holding her head up.
- She doesn't really like her pacifier.
- She loves to cuddle.
- She was bigger at birth but now is smaller.
 - She is more awake at night.

Maddux Jett:
- I think Maddux is actually starting to smile.
- He hates being on his stomach.
- He is more awake in the morning.
- He loves to swing.
- He likes to look at his hands.