Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Zoey!

August 1, 2011
Zoey Blake Farmer
7 lbs., 8 oz.

IT was a hot morning when we woke up and headed to the hospital. The twins stayed at my (Becca) parents house and they planned on bringing them up there before I went back for surgery. Zoey was a planned c-section. We got there, filled out all of our paper work and got ready to lay in bed until it was time for me to go back. It was a completely different experience then the twins. Soon my parent arrived with Avery and Maddux. I was very surprised to see that they didn't want anything to do with me. I think, because I was in the hospital bed with an IV, the kids were a little stand-offish UNTIL it was time for me to go back. They got me ready to roll out of the room and as I was saying goodbye to my first and second born children THEY LOST IT. I am not even kidding. LOST IT. What in the world?!?! As soon as they lost it, I LOST IT. They didn't care about me until I was being wheeled out of the room. I remember the nurses saying...."tell a funny joke, we have a sad momma....".

Once I was in the operating room everything went as planned. The spinal was great because the doctor was incredible. Shortly after, Kellen joined me and told me the kids were fine and we joked about how ridiculous it was for them to do that. Before we knew it we heard "It's a GIRL!!!" (we didn't find out). The nurse went to the phone and called the room where our parents/twins were and let them hear their newest grandchild/sibling cry. She made sure they still didn't know if the baby was a girl/boy. Kellen got to go and announce to them that it was a girl!

The rest of the hospital stay was great. Zoey was healthy. We had many visitors.

Me very pregnant. I should do a comparison picture. Ha ha....

It's a GIRL!!

First picture with our sweet girl.

Beautiful baby girl.

Avery was VERY interested in her. Maddux not so much. He was more interested in watching Cars. 

So much hair!

Sleepy girl.

Going home!! :)