Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fair/Petting Zoo

Oh the Mississippi State Fair...
I LOVED going to the fair when I was younger and now it just makes me feel GROSS. But like the "good" mother that I am, I didn't want Avery and Maddux to miss out on the opportunity to go to the petting zoo and feed the animals. You can ask anyone, I am not a mom that cares about germs (who has time for paci wipes?) but yuck...I told Avery and Maddux that they couldn't go to sleep until we got home because I wanted to wash them off before I put them in bed. Anyways, they had a great time and it was really good to see Tiffany/Brantley and Jeannie/Parker. 

Maddux and Avery watching people show their cows. They kept mooing. They love cows.

 Maddux loved it. A cow was literally 12 inches away from him at one point.

 Wow...look...they aren't looking at the camera. What a shock... :o)

 Petting zoo! This animal was just sitting there. He didn't care anything about the food. I wonder how much weight these animals gain every year during the fair.

 See the gumball looking machine? Well that is the food. Every time one of us touched that thing, the animals literally attacked our arms. Soon after this I decided to buy a bag of carrots.

 Avery and I. I have no idea what kind of animal this is. I had no time to look at the signs because I was trying to keep up with two babies and a bag of carrots.

 Maddux came to help.

 I think Brantley really liked it! With a little help from mom, she did great! 

 Avery with a ram.

 A and M with a deer.

 Maddux did really good with feeding the animals. Most of the time Avery just threw the food in the cage.

 Ummm...is this camel dead?


 For some reason, I thought this picture was so funny!

 Sweet baby hands.

Sweet Parker!

Needless to say, we had a great time. Michael and Julie offered to keep the kids tonight so that Kellen and I could go back and walk around and eat. Can't wait to try the Krisy Kreme Burger! :o)