Wednesday, March 17, 2010

14 Months

So much has been going on around the Farmer household lately! The babies are growing so fast and are SO fun! When they get out of the bed in the morning they start running and would run the entire day if I let them! I decided that I am going to post what a day is like in our house!

6:30 - 7:30: Maddux wakes up and is ready to go! There is NO laying in bed with a sweet motionless baby anymore!

7:30: Avery wakes up, usually because Maddux is sitting outside of the bedroom door playing with the loudest toy we have!

7:35: Diaper Change! We use the Target diapers and love them. They aren't as soft but they hold a lot and the babies don't seem to mind them!

7:40: Bottles! Yes, I still give my sweet 14 month old babies bottles. I am worried that they won't get enough milk if I don't, so just leave me alone! They will not take a bottle to school with them! :o)

We have the Dr. Brown bottles but if I had it all to do over again we would get something that didn't have as many parts! They are GREAT bottle but six pieces to clean every time is a little much! Also, advice to new moms! Go ahead and buy the 8 oz. bottles. Buying the 4 oz. bottle is a waste of money!
While the babies drink their 8 oz. of whole milk they LOVE to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Thankfully, I also enjoy it and love to sing the songs to the babies. We just got DVR so I will get to record some of the episodes for them! We are also going to try out Yo Gabba Gabba...

Around 7:55: Babies are done with their bottles and are ready to play. They play around for 30 minutes before they eat breakfast! Some of their favorite toys to play with are:

This is one of their favorite books! Every page sings a song to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus"...It was really cute the first 45 times.
We are learning how to pull down the handle so mom doesn't have to 145 times a day! :o) They love the dog and the songs.

This is another favorite. Maddux has figured out that if he just throws it on the ground all the doors pop open! Smart kid. They are starting to figure out how to open them the correct way and they get super excited when it pops up!

8:30: BREAKFAST! Fixing meals for the babies has been interesting because I want the babies to eat healthy while I can still force them to but it's hard to think of things to make that the babies will eat...It's easy to say..."my babies will eat all organic blah blah blah..." but if the baby doesn't like it, you are out of luck! Anyways, here are a few of our favorite breakfast items!

First, our booster seat! I LOVE these booster seats. They are much better then having two bulky highchairs in our small house. They are easy to put on and remove from the chair. Wish I would have started with these!
The twins love pancakes! NO syrup. I have this weird thing about syrup and kids. I was a teacher and to many kids come to school smelling like syrup and it always made me sick. I feel sick just thinking about it.
The babies will eat just about every type of fruit but they will always eat bananas. I don't know many babies that don't like bananas.
I like these sippy cups. I didn't try to many but they work and the babies figured out how to use them. I actually went and bought some with straws today because they like to drink out of my straws all the time so we will see what they think about the new ones.
Clean up! Avery and Maddux know when they are done that it's coming and they hate it but you can have a baby walking around with banana and pancake all over their face. Good ole wipes work great! I think I will always have wipes laying around the house now because they are so useful!'s 11:10 and I never stay up this late so I am going to stop here and pick up tomorrow (or next week)! Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo to enjoy some time with some friends. This will be trip 2 of 3 to the zoo this week!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday!
Today has been a good day even though it's raining! I just wanted to share a couple of the babies one year old pictures! They are growing so fast!

Avery Clarke Farmer
- Social butterfly!
- Talks all the time!
- Is a picky eater.
- Is a full time walker.
- Still uses her paci at night.
- Favorite thing to play with is a necklace.
- Loves to look at books.

Maddux Jett Farmer
- Quieter than his sister.
- Is the active child.
- Full time walker!
- Still uses his paci at night.
- Favorite toy is any type of ball.
- LOVES to be outside.
- Will eat anything I give him!
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