Friday, July 6, 2012

Zoey - 11 Months

11 months have come and gone but I can't imagine our lives without you!

You aren't doing many new things this month. 
You are standing a lot but still not walking. 
You still have NO teeth. 
You have learned the sign language for "all done" and you can kind of sign "more". 
You love to destroy Maddux's train tracks. 

You are sleeping a lot better at night but aren't a great napper.
You started Mother's Morning Out this summer and you hated your first class but now that we have moved you, you seem happier.
You are eating more solid foods (even without teeth).

You attended your first wedding (Sara and Andy).
You are still a smiley little girl.
You wear a size 4 diaper.
You wear size 12 - 18 month clothes.
I think you probably weight around 25 pounds.

You favorite places in the house are the bathroom and the kitchen where the garbage is. (?!??!?!)
You still love to swim but are not interested in sitting in the float anymore.