Thursday, December 17, 2009

What we've been up to in our 11th month...

What have we been up to?? EVERYTHING. Here are some pictures to prove it.

Maddux and Avery LOVE the fridge. Every time I open the door I hear them coming around the corner. Don't you love how Avery is going after the beer? She is going to be just like her dad.

We've been to the North Pole (aka Bass Pro Shop). They did really well with Santa. All they wanted to do is play with Santa's beard. When we finally got them to look at the camera, they were annoyed that we would dare makes them look. It was fun though. We went with our friend's Parker and Brantley.
LOOK how sweet this face is. I love the fact that every time I look in this boys direction, he smiles. I know he won't do it forever so I am eating it up while I can. He also has 8 teeth now!!!

Avery with her super cute antlers. She now has 4 teeth. We are growing up!
Pop (great grand pop) came to visit and brought us a sweet ornament. They were so content in his arms and just stayed there for about 10 minutes. They have an obsession with beards. I think Pop also enjoyed it, too!
These pictures make me laugh! It was SOOOOO cold the day we took these pictures. Avery had been awake for awhile but Maddux had JUST woken up. Can you tell??
I got him out of the bed and took his picture. I didn't even brush his hair. haha...oh well...he is still cute.
I'm not sure what she is looking at but is super serious in this picture!

Friday, December 4, 2009