Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Food

Have you ever wondered what baby food taste like? Well I have been very curious the last couple of days. Last time we went to the doctor, he told us it was about time for us to start food. He gave us a list of what to feed them and what not to feed them and that's about it. 

Side note - It's amazing how people (doctors/nurses) just assume that you know how to do everything. I noticed it when I was in the hospital. The doctors and nurses know exactly what to do but they never stopped to think that I was a new mother and had NO clue. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED my doctor and the nurses that I had. I guess it's just because they do the same thing everyday. 

Anyway, back to what I was talking about. Baby food. Now that my babies are eating I had to make a decision on what kind of food I wanted them to eat. Organic, regular baby food or make my own. I thought since I am off for summer I would try to make my own. I think I have officially talked myself out of that option. (I'm an awful cook). Organic or regular baby food. I want the best for my babies so my first thought is organic. Organic food is more expensive. Sometime I wonder what the difference is. Well, I know what the difference is but I just wonder if it makes that big of a difference. 

Right now the babies are eating Earth's Best baby food. It is organic. So far we have a VERY picky girl and a boy that will eat anything! First we tried rice cereal. He loved it, she hated it. I thought, let's add some bananas. He loved it, she hated it. Next I tried oatmeal. He loved it, she hated it. Bananas and oatmeal?! He loved it, she hated it. Ok...well apples and oatmeal. He loved it, she hated it. That is as far as we have gotten. The doctor told us to feed one type of food at a time to make sure that they don't have a reaction to something. Next I will try pears. 

Any suggestions on what to feed my sweet baby girl?
What do you think about Baby Wise? 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

4 Months old!?!

Avery and Maddux were baptized on Easter. It was such a special day and they looked super cute too!

Don't I have the cutest, most adorable children??
This picture was taken right before Kellen and I went to Evening in Maroon.

The babies went to the doctor on Thursday for their 4 month well visit. Can you believe they are 4 months old already. Time really does fly. :o( 

Avery Clarke Farmer
14.2 pound, 24 3/4 inches
The doctor said she was doing great. Avery is our little drama queen (cries like she is dying when she is hungry) but is still so sweet. She still loves to cuddle and her head fits nicely on my shoulder. Some of Avery's new tricks (I feel like I'm talking about a dog) are rolling from stomach to back, holding meaningful conversations, and standing while being held. She is taking 6 oz. of formula about 5 times a day. Most of her chubbiness is found in her legs. She gets that honestly. Even though it doesn't look like it, she is getting hair on the top of her head. I think she is going to be strawberry blonde. Her eyes are still blue. 
Maddux Jett Farmer
14.5 pounds, 25 5/8 inches
The doctor said he was also doing very well. Maddux is a very laid back baby most of the time unless he is hungry. He also loves to cuddle but is much easier to put down without being woken up. If the boy has his paci in his mouth, he is down for the count. He rolled from his stomach to his back two days before his sister. He loves to talk to anyone who will talk to him. He is starting to laugh out loud and it is so adorable. I can get Avery to also if I try really really hard. :o) Maddux is starting to enjoy the exersaucer but can't take it for to long. His hair is also red and he has a natural mohawk. His eyes are still blue.