Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year!

It's a new year with new GOALS. I don't call them new year's resolutions because Kellen likes to remind me that everyone always breaks them. So here is a list of my GOALS:

- Love my family well.
- Read more books.
- Teach my kids to read.
- Use my real camera more.
- Write more on this blog!

I love talking to my kids. They always say the funniest things that brighten my day so since the twins just turned 5 (and because Zoey is cute) I thought I would ask them a list of questions so I can document what some of their favorite things were in 2013.

Avery Clarke Farmer
Age 5
Favorite Color - Pretty blue or Pink
Favorite Food - Cheese, buttered noddles, applesauce and oranges
Favorite Book - Amelia Badelia
Favorite Toy - Horse Carriage (christmas present)
Best Friends - All the girls at school (Lizzy, Caroline, Valeria) and Tori (neighbor)
Favorite Song - Jesus Loves Me
Favorite TV Show - My Little Ponies
Favorite activity during the day - Playing with Tori
What she wants to learn to do better this year - Draw
Mommy's add-ons: Dressing up, Hello Kitty, coloring and playing with Nana's phone 

Maddux Jett Farmer
Age 5
Favorite Color - Blue, Green and Red
Favorite Food - Pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, grapes and Ritz crackers
Favorite Book - Thomas
Favorite Toy -Cars
Best Friends - Johnathan(neighbor), Clark Anders (school) and Parker (Church)
Favorite Song - Christmas Songs
Favorite TV Show - Jake
Favorite Movie - Thomas
Favorite activity during the day -Racing Cars
What he wants to learn to do better this year -Learn more bible verses
Mommy's add-ons - Playing angry birds, coloring, building train tracks and not stepping on cracks (he doesn't want to break my back)

Zoey Blake Farmer
Age 2
Favorite Color - Yellow
Favorite Book - Mickey
Favorite Toy - Mickey
Best Friends - Alexa Anne (friend from church and school)
Favorite Song -Mickey
Favorite TV Show - Bet you can't guess..........Mickey
Mommy's add-ons - Coloring, destroying Avery and Maddux's life, playing Mickey, singing songs